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Leica DMS300 Boom Stand System with HD Monitor

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The Leica DMS300 is a complete digital microscope system that utilizes an HDMI-monitor instead of eyepieces. Leica’s high quality 8:1 zoom optics are combined with a 2.5MP camera to provide a full high-definition live image with up to 30fps.

The Leica DMS300 produces high-quality, full-color still images as well as Full-HD movies as a standalone system. All primary functions of the DMS300 are controlled with wireless remote control.

Additionally, it can be connected to a computer offering full compatibility with Leica software LAS EZ. The dual live video stream allows for simultaneous output to a PC and a second imaging device with HDMI-interface such as an HD-monitors or HD-projector. The DMS300 is a complete working digital inspection and imaging system.

Everything you need to set up your digital microscope is included.

The Leica DMS300 zoom body with the camera

A swing arm stand (ideal for viewing large or small samples) or reflected base stand

A LED-ring-light with a diffuser, brilliant long-lasting light

A 0.8x objective provides enough magnification while allowing a working distance of over 110 mm

Two IR remote controllers – to customize the settings on the Leica DMS300 for standalone operation

SD-Card, USB- and HDMI-cables, plus a universal USB power supply

Optional 10 Inch HD monitor with adapter

Installation Guide

Achromat Objectives 0.8
Camera 2.5 MP
Illuminator Monitor Dependant
Magnification Range Monitor Dependant
Stand Boom or Microscope
Viewing Area Monitor Dependant
Working Distance 114 mm

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